Are you looking to squeeze more sales or leads out of your current website traffic? Of course you are! Who wouldn’t want to generate more revenue on the traffic you are already getting or will get in the future. In this hyper-competitive age of search engine advertising, you have to be actively implementing strategies to boost your website conversion rate or you won’t be able to realize all of the search traffic available for your product or service, let alone capitalizing on the other great new traffic channels like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and display advertising.

Background: Any company selling online, or generating leads, is relying heavily on their website to convert their visitors to an action (i.e. a sale or an inquiry for more information). Most ROI-focused online marketing is tracked electronically to determine how many clicks it takes to result in a sale, which leads to a determination of whether the campaign is working out or not. Every company has their own average “acquisition cost” that they are willing to pay to acquire a new costumer, which determines how much they can pay to drive traffic to their website. Determining how many clicks it takes to make a sale or lead will give you your overall “conversion rate”, ex. 3 sales for every 100 clicks would be a 3% conversion rate. Each different type of online campaign, as well as the traffic source, will have a unique conversion rate based on how targeted it is. Targeted search advertising on Google, Yahoo, and Bing should be the most targeted online advertising you can run, so the goal is to get a good return on your search advertising campaigns. The nice thing about Internet Advertising is that most of it is able to be tested and measured on a small scale to see if it converts for you. If the profit out-weighs the spend you have a successful campaign! Some companies even run campaigns while losing money on the first sale in order to build their customer database. But most companies strive to get a return on investment, or at least break-even, on the first sale. Here are some ways any website can improve their overall website conversion rate:

  • A/B Testing
  • Professional Look & Feel
  • Capturing Information
  • Short check out
  • Trust & Security
  • Behavioral Re-targeting
  • Special Offers/Promotions
  • Email re-marketing
  • Customer Referral Program
  • Customer Reviews